Roids4European to Roids4EU (Shorter)

As you also know through the announcements from the website as well as from our emails, we changed the website address from to This change brought a lot of trouble that we couldn't imagine before, especially new customers who couldn't find us on search engines. The old website address has a rather high ranking of ~ 800,000 out of a few hundred million other websites in operation. This change makes our ranking on search engines severely affected and currently our website is being understood as a new website operating on the internet. For loyal customers, this change does not affect their order as well as handling their orders, they continue to support us and we are very grateful for that. If you can, please introduce it to everyone who needs steroids from us so that people can find a reliable address for ordering.

In 2019, we will try to improve our services for better customer care, so that our customers' beliefs will always be 100%. We have also added a lot of the latest steroids and you can check them here, namely: Sterling Knight Pharma (UK), Eurochem Labs, International Pharma, Phenom Pharma...You can also see the top steroids of a month. Most, we always update them every month. We always listen to your opinions and respond to them quickly and this year, we still look forward to receiving more positive feedback from you.

Lastly, we wish you could improve your bodybuilding after using products from us. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us for the best care.

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